New technology 

Activated carbon cloth (ACC) is an innovative new textile used in personal, defence and industrial anti-pollution systems.

ACC is 100 per cent activated carbon. Under the right conditions it is capable of capturing its own weight in pollutants.

ACC can capture a wide range of pollutants found in traffic fumes. For example, it has the ability to capture more than 50% of benzo(a)pyrene over a 6-month period of use. Benzo(a)pyrene is ranked in the top group of human cancer causing agents.

ACC is washable and easy to breathe through. It works effectively in humid conditions and is soft and comfortable.

How ACC works

ACC acts like a magnet to trap large organic chemicals.

Through their electrical charge, the electrons in ACC attract and bind to large organic chemicals, locking them away.

ACC will not release these chemicals once they are captured.

Lifetime of ACC

We recommend that you replace your Karibon facewear every 6 months.

The amount of chemicals that ACC can capture is dependent on how often you use your mask and the type and level of pollution.

ACC has the ability to capture large organic chemicals and will not release them once they are captured.